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We are a very friendly group of software developers who come together to solve problems and learn.

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What's #devchat?

#devchat is a community of developers, asking and answering questions, solving challenges, and having a good time learning together. We are a Slack team, which means that we talk in real time, we share links and resources, and keep things organized.

What's in it for me?

We give away free knowledge and help. We're a very friendly community, open to and respectful of every programming language, level of experience, age, time zone, gender, etc, etc.

What are the big channels?

We've got lots, but the big ones are #python (940+ members), #javascript (1220+ members), #java (630+ members), and #webdev (970+ members).

Who's joined #devchat?

Everyone from people who have never programmed before, high school students, self-taught programmers, professional programmers, and students from MIT, Harvard, Columbia University, NYU and CERN. #truestory

How many bots do you have?

We have a list of cool Slack bots we've built ourselves:

  • @welcome_bot: a smart bot that helps with onboarding new Devchatters.
  • @pypie and  @python: both are secure python interpreter inside Slack.
  • @helpy: will get you helpful informations from Python's & PyPi's docs.
  • @dumbot: When I grow up I wanna be a Principal or a Caterpillar.
  • @pollbot: lets have a poll "Who is cooler?" @helpy @dumbot

Do you have other links?

How can I contact you?

You can DM @mustafa or @eden in #devchat or email [email protected]

Not convinced yet?

@nixoninnes wrote a wonderful piece on his experience. No doubt we can help you out too!

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